“Trane and Miles” is a new short narrative film concerning a fictitious seminal series of meetings between tenor saxophone legend John Coltrane and pioneering trumpeter Miles Davis during the creation of the biggest selling jazz album in musical history, “Kind of Blue.” In March 1959 and again in April of that year, Miles Davis created cool jazz’ most important album with bandmates Coltrane, Bill Evans (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), Jimmy Cobb (drums) and Cannonball Adderley (alto saxophone).
In the course of creating this masterful work, including the signature tunes So What, Blue and Green, and All Blues, Davis and Coltrane discussed the many changes that were upon them at the time: the onset of rock ‘n’ roll, the nascent force of television, the emerging Civil Rights movement, and coming evolution of jazz itself. In both band sessions and their aftermath, “Trane and Miles” portrays these vital meetings of jazz’ true giants, men whose music both spearheaded and spoke for the changes that were upon them.


In addition to intra-band meetings, Davis interacts with an executive at his label, Columbia Records, and groundbreaking jazz producer Teo Macero. Presented with all-original jazz music evocative of the time, “Trane and Miles” espouses the many social, musical, and cultural upheavals which coalesced for these men all at one crucial point in their history.

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Music created for Trane and Miles movie is credited to: Jim Linahon and the North Atlantic Jazz Alliance. Steve JohnSon and Jazz Legacy are also credited for additional music used.